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Ethics Pledge:

I pledge that during my candidacy and during my service in public office, I will conduct myself at all times in a manner which reflects credit on myself, my office and the citizens who elected me to that office. I will accept no gift or benefit of any kind from any person with business or other interests before my office. I will not use my office to enrich myself personally in any way.

I will treat all citizens who seek my help equally without regard for their status as a donor to my campaign. I will not engage in any act of moral turpitude during my continuance in office.

I will obey all laws and will never use my position to unduly influence any public employee to obtain special treatment before the law. Despite my office, I will conduct myself with humility. I will respect God, my family, my country, my office and the citizens who have entrusted me with the sacred honor of governing on their behalf.

Conservative Principles Pledge for the Federal Candidate:

The Constitution

I will diligently study the Constitution of the United States of America. I will read it frequently, and I will measure all of my official actions against this, the supreme law of our nation. I will endeavor to understand the language of the Constitution and its meaning in the time in which it was written and this interpretation will govern my understanding of it. I will not seek to conform its unchanging intent to the ever changing caprices of society.

Family Values

I will protect and promote the values of society which uplift and strengthen families. I will protect the name of the Lord, and public references to Him. I will protect the value and dignity of all human life. I will protect the sacred institution of marriage between one man and one woman.

Border Security

Regardless of my support for any plan to reduce or to increase the numbers of legal immigrants into the United States, I will support by any rational means, the effort to stop all illegal immigration, and the enforcement of our nation's immigration laws. I will do so in the interest of protecting the national security of the United States, and in recognition of our sovereign national right to control our borders with foreign nations.

Fairer Simpler Taxes

I will oppose all efforts to increase marginal income tax rates, as well as any effort to reduce or eliminate deductions or credits unless offset by equivalent reductions in tax. I will do so in accordance with my fundamental belief that the federal government has grown many times larger than intended and necessary, and with my belief that the current rates of federal taxation are unjust, excessive and tend to hinder the growth of our economy. I will support a simpler tax code in the interest of mitigating the burden of the taxpayer in rendering his taxes.

Peace through Strength

I believe that the predominant military strength of the United States is the greatest guarantee of peace in the world. I will support continued investment in the readiness of our armed forces and in the industrial complex which provides them the weapons and technology necessary to dominate America's enemies on any battlefield. I will not support any foreign policy which subjugates America's national sovereignty to any other government or non-governmental agency whatsoever.

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